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I reported my damaged driveway to your claims Co. Sedgwick denied my claim without even seeing the damage the Duke truck did.

On April 27 2018 one of the big trucks manovered there way into a tight spot at the end of my driveway (I have a main electric line pole between my neighbors and my drive at the bottom of our driveways by street) which the drivers had to use there tires (double tires) and went back and fourth and indented the blacktop bigtime. I sent pictures, I drew diagrams to Nancy Chapman at Sedgwick and she said my driveway was already bad so she denied my claim without sending a claims rep!!!! My driveway is in bad condition but this made it worse. It is in bad condition in the first place from these Duke trucks because they the end of my driveway when working on electric!!!!

I emailed the CEO of Sedgwick no response! I want to hear from Duke!!!!!!!!!

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Take them to small claims court.

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